Monday, August 9, 2010

BunnyhaWK - In Berlin with Nate

I think we did it right, bunnyHawk style by helping each other. Nate needed a place to stay and a bike, done deal. He got not only a bike, but "The Hercules!" We rode around the first day doing errands and meeting up with a few friends. The second day was some more mayhem with rain and a sliding accident. Currently typing with one hand. Some friends opened this cool shop called Sing Black Bird. Nate was kind enough to help hang their outside signage. He also helped me out a lot with my gimpy hand. The next day was filled up with a trip to tempelhof airport and the opening party for Sing Black Bird. We worked the bar and were a team of awesomeness. I'm pretty sure we impressed the nice folks of Berlin and then some. We know how to party. Gin took care of the pain I had this evening. The last day we had vegan brunch with some rad kids that Nate knows, then did an installation in Mitte for ATM Gallery. The whole weekend was filled with one liners, jokes, booze/soda, and bikes. Of course a special song was in our hearts...

German alley-oop:
Bunnyhawk 1: "wo ist die liebe maschine?"
BunnHAWk 2: "ich bin die liebe maschine!"

As always, all bunnyhawks are welcome to my home here in Berlin.

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