Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Seattle To Portland For Free - August 6-8

Ok bunnies and hawks. The deal is this: Last year Brandon, Monica, Joe and I rode the STP4FREE. It was pretty awesome. This year, a certain bunnyhawk will be getting married on the weekend of the actual ride, thus prohibiting other bunnies and hawks from wanting to ride this year.

The solution? We ride on the first weekend in August. This will accomplish the following:
1. Delay the ride for the sanctity of marriage
2. Let us ride AFTER the event so we can use the road markings
3. Let us ride with fewer D-bags on the road
4. Act as one giant Birthday party for Brandon
5. Get a cheap, non-sold-out hotel room so we don't have to worry about a tent
6. Allow everyone to ride for free and not feel guilty for pirating the ride
7. Lessen the number of times you hear "on your left" - yeah, no shit...
8. Place the ride in American Adventures Month, World Breastfeeding Week, and Single Working Women's Week
9. Shorten the wait time at the Olympic Inn in Centralia at the half way point
10. Be fun for all

So join me and some other people in Riding From Seattle to Portland (in two days) For Free.

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