Friday, May 14, 2010

Lucky 13

We got a few people together to ride a very short distance.(might be the shortest BH ride yet). Got sukered in to the BIG beers at the Triange and proceded to learn a new lesson:

Talking about money during an economic downturn hurts peoples feelings.

-People who have some will feel guilty.
-People who have none will feel sad.
-People with an unrealized earning potential will feel confused about what their next stage of life should look like.

Its fine if we are talking, "Hey pony up for another round." but I motion to keep impassioned discussions about M-N-Y out of the BH repertoire.* I sincerely apologise for my part in the first ever bummer ride.

*at least until the unemployment rate improves or its the eighties again, when talking about m-n-y was as cool as JaMESSpader

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