Friday, April 30, 2010

Two Things

First. My folks will be in from out of town and I would like to get my dad (and maybe my mom) out for a ride so we can add them as official members of the club instead of just honorary BhawkS.
So I propose this: We ride some time either Friday afternoon/evening or Saturday late morning/afternoon. I mean I'm just dying to see my dad take down a roadmaster while cruising the Eliot Bay bike trail. Aren't you?

Second. We CANNOT miss next months lucky 13. I don't know what happened this month but we really dropped the ball. I'm surprised my baby was born normal. I was sure the fates were going to have their way with me. (Actually they did erase a comment I made on Greg's post from I didn't exactly escape unscathed.)

Third. This weekend is the Derby Party. Same place as last year. I have a baby so won't be staying long, BUT, you all can get as drunk as you want and cross dress to your hearts content. See the post from last May around this time for photo evidence of Kentucky style debauchery.

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