Saturday, July 18, 2009

nobody puts Burglar in a corner

We rode some bikes last weekend and holy moly it was a good time. I'll take the easy/lazy way out and just put some Goddamn (GD) bullet points on here.

Trying to make all you suckers jealous and desperate to go next year. Next year we roll deep!!!


Day One
- getting "the final countdown" stuck in our heads and whistling/singing it non-stop from about mile 7 on.
- a giant pile of bananas on the road around mile 20 that someone had left as a trap, mario kart style. the only cyclist taken out was Donkey Kong.
- seeing a Big Dog t-shirt around mile 40, inspiring us to haul ass for the rest of the day
- passing people with our 4 bunny pace line
- getting yelled at for not saying "on your left" when the person had like 10 feet of clearance and it was questionable whether we were even "on their left" or in an entirely different lane on the road
- getting burritos and margaritas around mile 75
- passing the same people again since we stopped for an hour plus lunch
- getting to centralia only to find the Big Dog outlet store was closed -- but salvation! the christian outlet store was there
- bought a jesus shirt and some christ-in-a-box
- got hungry waiting 2 hours for our food, so we went through several pitchers of beer and half of christ-in-a-box. bitched about the wait and the beer was free.
- drank beers, threw some shit around

- made "friends" at the campsite. including one guy who came out of his tent at the late late hour of 10:30pm to tell us he was trying to sleep and this was our "final warning". very difficult not to sing "the final countdown" at this point.
- we made fun of him because we had to do the EXACT SAME RIDE that he did in the morning, monica called him a robot of boredom, and dominic made fun of the guy for choosing to do said ride sober. to think!

Day Two
- woke up at 7am, last tent standing. note: STPers are a bunch of go-getters.
- rode 5 miles to Frosty's in Napavine for food
- 8 people had breakfast and coffee, plus 5 Montana Breakfasts (aka red beer for those of you in the Midwest) and 1 bloody mary for a screamin' $40.27.
- Dominic heard the bill total and started clapping, yelling "BRAVO!"
- lots of uneventful riding. jessica's knee almost went out at mile 185 or so but she pushed through. a very proud bunnyhawkin' moment of perserverance.
- we arrived.
- went out with portlanders, partied hard, did shots, danced the night away at Blake's apartment

Day Three (not riding, but in Portland, whatever)
- realized we had gotten very little sleep in past few days and that Sat night was on the ground and Sun night was on the floor of Blake's apartment.
- walked around like zombies. Tired.
- Train ride home.

Now I've had the time of my life. And I've never felt like this before. Yes I swear, it's the truth.

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