Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Party Planning Comittee

In all honesty I have been going back and forth about how to handle the planning for the upcomming second aniversary party. I suppose It was kinda snowballing in to a personal crisis because I had become so accustomed to opperating in a sort of self made isolation brought on by several factors that include, being a new father and feeling removed from my social network, being a business owner and trying to tackle a big project all summer for a VERY important client and being largely resbonsible for the creation of a new work group within the Mercer Island Parks and Recreation Department. Basicaly, I was task saturated and wondering how I was going to pull off planning the "Biggest Party Ever". Then I remembered my favorite olde tyme expression "WehelpeachotheR" and BOOM! a weight was lifted. "I don't plan this stuff alone, we have committees for that!" I said. "Committees with lots of experience planning all sorts of things". We have engineers, programers, artists, mechanics, fasion industry professionals, teachers, resource managers and Arun! There is LITTERALY nothing we can't plan.

So... Eat a good dinner and come over to the Howell's to help plan The Biggest Party Ever. Thursday October 21st at 7:00.

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