Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Math is Hard II

So.... a while back Dominic mentioned that perhaps the BunnYHawkS should engage in some charitable activities. Well, an opportunity has presented itself.

I was recently contacted by EarthCorps a local notforprofit that brings people from all over the world to participate in a training program focused on ecological restoration. They need some help and we are just the sort of people that could help them out.

They have a fleet of bikes that they receive as donations to lend out to their international corps members so the newly arrived aren't entirely dependant on public transportation. When I worked there those bikes saw a lot of use and little maintenance. One of the program managers remembered that I was in to bikes and asked if I would help them get their bikes in to some sort of decent shape before their new internationals arrive

Blaise and I spoke about the possibility of doing a day of service at RC to get their fleet buffed out. Looks like shop space has been donated and now its just a matter of getting enough people together to clean, lube, fix flats and repair the approximately 20 bikes.

Would you all be willing to pitch in and donate a day of music and beer drinking to the cause of international sustainable mobility awareness and get those bikes rolling?!!??

How about Saturday March 13th? Sounds too good to be true.


  1. Lucky 13 to the max! With our powers combined we can bust that shit out and still have time to ride! And by ride I mean get drunk.

  2. Holy shit where did that Vader pic come from?

    I call dibs on 'Lube Station'.