Sunday, November 29, 2009

Holy Sh*t!!! Could More Stuff Happen On One Day!?!?!?

OK... Good news. We are going to reschedule BowlinGHawkS so as to not conflict with Erica's Birthday.

Badnewsis I have another birthday that I commited to months ago and forgot about so I will be in the mountains skiing next weekend.

Right now I have "Santarchy" sleighted for the morning of the Sat. the 12th dovetailing nicely with BowlinGHawkS in the evening which will dovetail nicely in to Lucky 13 if we are strong and brave. This could be one of those classic BunnYHawK trainwrecks of fun meets prolonged boozing meets someone crashing in to something meets laughing and screaming.

If it goes just long enough we will see god.

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