Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Triathacat - Alleycat with Bikes, Swimming & Running

The Triathacat is a triathlon inspired alley cat race based on both points and
time. Racers will be given a manifest at the start of the race which will
include a randpomly ordered list of check points in which you must go to in the order of your choice. At each check point racers must complete a swimming OR running activity in order to receive points. Either the swimming activity or running activity will be worth more points than the other and will vary at each check point. You will be awarded points under the discretion of those manning the check points. First place goes to the most points, followed by best time, and alternate from there on..

EVERYONE is encouraged to race, it will be FUN and you will have the option of making it challenging or easy, however expect to run and/or swim. Spandex or swim attire strongly encouraged. Your number will be written on you with grease paint. Your manifest will be on your spoke card. Bag and lock not required or recommended, we will have someone to watch your belongings while you race. Beer and jubilation at the finish.

Sponsors include:
Anchor Tattoo
Fire Horse Forge
2020 Cycles
Der Hammer
Cupcake Royale

Possibly more to come..

If anyone is unable/uninterested in racing but wants to be involved please contact me, I need help manning check points.
alirm@u.washington.edu - 425.361.3841

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